Disposable Staining Slide Tray

Disposable Staining Slide Tray
Stain, rinse, and dry your slides on a single working tray. Made of a polypropylene and polyethylene blend, this rugged staining tray is an economical alternative to metal versions offering a clean and fresh working surface area every time. Up to eight slides fit comfortably onto the base and the deep well holds liquid waste up to 38ml. Two convenient pour spouts make it easy to dispose of unwanted liquid waste. Unique dark lid protects slides when used with light sensitive applications.
Supplied with 4 Base Trays and 1 Lid.

Tuotekoodi Valmistaja Nimi To hold microscope Length Width Height LC
9161400 HS15951A
Heathrow Scientific
Set Disposable Staining Slide Tray
8 305 127 29.5 1