Colour discs 3/53B bromine

Comparator system 2000, water test discs and reagent tablets
A large selection of water test discs are available for colorimetric chemical analyses and colour classification. Each test disc is equipped with fade-free, non porous glass filters, the quality of which is not impaired by UV light or other environmental influences.

Test discs whose code begins with "N", are designed for use in the Nessleriser 2150. Test discs which start with the letter "C" are designed for use in the Nessleriser 2250. All other test discs are designed for use in the comparator 2000+ . The most popular water test discs feature in the table below. Other test discs are available on request.

Tuotekoodi Valmistaja Nimi For Disc Measuring range
9947010 235320
Colour discs 3/53B bromine
Bromine 3/53B 1 to 10mg / l