Current Applications for Organoids and Spheroids in 3D Cell Culture

Culturing cells in 3 dimensions has proven to be a relevant approach for basic research and drug discovery. Many tumor cells and primary cells can be grown in 3D as spheroids. Spheroids can provide more in vivo-like results in screening assays, as compared to conventional monolayer cultures. Since patient-derived stem cells have been cultured as organoids, a completely new access to understanding and potentially treating diseases such as cancer or cystic fibrosis has come into reach.
Many research groups now are working with spheroids or epithelial organoids, and Corning wants to bring together young researchers to exchange ideas, learn from each other, and extend their networks.
Join us for an exclusive day to:
◗◗ Hear from industrial and academic researchers about high throughput screening using
◗◗ Meet and network with peers and thought leaders in the field
◗◗ Share experiences with other users to overcome experimental limitations and get insights into currently used protocols and procedures
◗◗ Obtain scientific support for selecting and using the appropriate products for 3D cell culture
◗◗ Learn about what’s new from Corning and get up to speed with new products that might enhance your research
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