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Extend your year-end budget!
Save up to 25% by bundling your orders!

How to receive a free product?
• Step 1: Combine your orders with a minimum of 3 of the same products
• Step 2: Put promo code “4f3” on your order
• Step 3: This promo is valid from 1 October 2022. Make sure your order is received before Wednesday 30 November 2022.
• Step 4: We will send you 4 products for the price of 3. You save 25% on your year-end budget. And, feel free to repeat all steps if you need more products....
(So if you want to receive 4 products for the price of 3, order 3 identical products and we add the 4th one for free! And when you order 6 products, you will receive 8 products, etc. You can order as many as you like, as long as supplies last.)


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