Why choose Qnostics?


Whole Pathogen Controls

Qnostics controls contain the entire SARS-CoV-2 genome meaning they are compatible with the majority of commercial and in-house assays. As whole pathogen controls they target the whole viral genome including CDC and WHO consensus sequences.

Full Process Control

Whole pathogen controls are the ideal material for full-process validation, monitoring the testing process from extraction to amplification and detection ensuring ultimate quality assurance in laboratories.

Highly Characterised

When the use of time and resources are critical like in COVID-19 testing, the use of highly characterised controls enables laboratories to meet their daily QC needs and accreditation requirements. Qnostics controls are quantified by digital PCR to ensure batch to batch reproducibility and are traceable to an internal reference preparation, to ensure metrological traceability of test results obtained by different diagnostic workflows.

True Third Party

An independent, unbiased assessment of assay performance is ensured in line with ISO 15189:2012 regulatory requirements.

Superior Manufacturing

Qnostics controls are manufactured under ISO 13485 guidelines to ensure quality and traceability.

Liquid for Ease-of-use

Conveniently supplied in a liquid frozen format meaning there is no additional preparation or handling required.

Negative Control Available

Negative controls contain human cells/nucleic acids and therefore can be used as part of assay validation.


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